Brotherly Cum

NaughtyLilSis's BigBadBrother

Anonymous asked: Your sister is hinting at things you've built at your house for sex parties? Could you give us more detail than she has?

The sale of my house from my divorce went through and she had a pretty good year at her work, so we had some cash laying around.  I tossed a few bucks into savings of course, and then bought her a sweet gift she doesn’t know about yet, and used a good chunk to update her house.  It needed a few minor fixes and in the process we got to thinking about having swing parties at our place for small groups sometime.

Non sexually speaking my favorite upgrade is the back yard deck and pool which was about 75% of the upgrades all alone.  I have a BBQ island to cook for her and D on now during the summer and we have a pool they can skinny dip in while I lay back on the deck and watch and probably jerk off.   Like you wouldn’t if you were there too, right.

In the house we kept with the theme she used in her bathroom when it had to be redone and started thinking of fixes that ended up with sex for 3 or more in mind.  We had some crappy closets we ripped out and the space they left between two rooms we made a glory hole booth with holes into one room.  With some fun sex furniture in there, that room is now a pretty nice hang out and fuck kind of room.  

Another thing we’re going to do is put her massage table in the garage which I just had the floor sealed again.  We used to park the cars in there but we decided this was more important.  The garage will eventually split in half with one half as a very nice spaced garage, and the other half will become a nice massage oil slippery gooey sex play area.  We’re going to do a few things we’ve talked about and if they work out, we’ll just leave it and it will become ‘the wet room’.  Not sure if it’ll work out yet but we’ll see.

Anonymous asked: You're pretty open about the fact that as far as you know you will always have the kind of relationship that you have with your sister. Do you not feel guilty when you're in other relationships that you're fucking your sister at the same time? I mean, it's still cheating. Whether it's with your sister or a random you met in a nightclub.

I don’t feel all that guilty no.  I did for a bit during my marriage and a few relationship attempts before that, because I was trying to force myself away from her and to be more ‘normal’ if you will.  It just isn’t going to happen.  I love her and love having sex with her too much.  My other relationships and of course any from here on out, will have to be ‘open’ enough to let me play with multiple girls.  Of course I won’t tell anyone exactly which girl I’m reserving that right for!

Anonymous asked: are there ever times where you wish you wouldn't have had sex with your sister? Like do you ever wish that you could just be her older brother that protected and loved her as a lil sis again?

I do still love her and protect her like my little sister, because she is my little sister.  The sex is just an added layer on top and above all of that.  I never stopped and in fact my protective instincts over her have only gotten stronger since we started having sex.

Anonymous asked: Since we've seen your sis' breasts, can we see your cock?

I’ve already posted it.

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

About 6’

Anonymous asked: It's my boyfriend's birthday. We've been fucking for under two years and haven't really tried anything too crazy. And moves that something a beginner can do that isn't too weird?

Well I can say that something I have always enjoyed is just a change of scenery.  You don’t have to really get crazy in any new ways, but just do what ever you guys enjoy doing somewhere else.  

Anonymous asked: Have you ever watched videos or seen photos of your sister fucking other guys from before you were fucking her?

Yes I have a video a guy made fucking her from before we started, and I have seen pictures she has that she took with boys before as well.

Anonymous asked: your sister said a long time ago that she used to work at a massage parlor did you ever go to one did you ever got to the one she worked at

I have been to many massage parlors.  I enjoy them often, and back then I did frequent them as well.  Probably more often than I do now even.  I did go to hers once, while she was working, but I did not have her do my massage.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever paid a hooker?

Yes.  The tend to get a little pissed when you don’t pay.  lol

Anonymous asked: Have you ever wanted to tell your parents that you are fucking your sister?

I almost told my mother once.  She doesn’t even know it but she’ll read it here I guess.  I thought, for just a second that if I told my mom, she would magically think it was great and be interested in letting me fuck her too.  Luckily my brain snapped control of my mouth back right before my cock royally fucked up our whole family that day.  I was standing outside of our parents bedroom about to walk in and just blurt it out when my dad was out of the house one afternoon.  5 seconds more and you guys would never know anything about this and I would probably have been disowned or arrested.  Or, maybe, my mom would have said ‘thats awesome, wanna fuck me now?’  No one will ever know.

As of now though, I have no intention or need to tell them, ever.