Brotherly Cum

NaughtyLilSis's BigBadBrother

Anonymous asked: Do you prefer light sucking on the head with hand action, or deep facefucking?

I think you mean when I get a blowjob?  I am honestly much more of a fan of hand jobs really so hand action is always a plus.  I wouldn’t say light sucking, but I really do not like the girls that do the strong suction vacuum thing like they are trying to suck it clean off of my body and run away with it!  Wet, warm, slow and steady with her hand in front of her mouth is the perfect blow job for me I think.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any fantasies that she hasn't and won't act out with you?

Yes.  We won’t act out on one that we both discuss quite often, because it would mean giving up our secret and destroying our family pretty much.  It’s still a great fantasy though.

Anonymous asked: I'd rather sis gives us the story, and he recaps in his words later.

I’d rather that my sister gives you guys all the stories.  I think she’s a much better writer than I am when it comes to sexy things!

Anonymous asked: What was the first you both went to a gangbang like?

The first time was something I suggested.  I had gone to 1 or 2 before on my own and had an interesting experience and thought she might like it.  After we talked about how to keep our relation to each other secret, we decided to check one out together as a ‘couple’ and we ended up really enjoying it individually and together.  It was a little odd when guys started coming on to her in front of me and wanting to have sex with her, but we got over that fairly quick because we were already very aware that we were not exclusive sexually.  We haven’t really ever been.  It did get a bit much for me at one point when a certain guy seemed to be pushing her limits of comfort and anyone paying attention could see that.  Luckily someone hosting the party stepped in and diffused the situation because I might have let it slip just how close to her I was and why I was getting pretty offended.  At the end of the night I wasn’t sure still if she really liked the whole experience but having her mouth ‘I love you’ while giving me head and getting doggy fucked by another guy at the same time was a clue.  We waited about a week to make sure we actually enjoyed it and then went to another party those same hosts threw and had even more fun because her nerves, and my nervous caution and desire to look out for her ever second had burned off by then. 

So this is fun! (:

So I’m here in the office of the house, where his computer and business stuff are.  I’m standing, bent over in front of his desk wearing some pink sneakers, little socks, and pig tails and glasses (just props for the look!).  He’s got both of his hands on either side of my hips and is enjoying the warm feeling and sight of his cock slipping in and out of me VERY slowly right now.  I have to say I fucking enjoy the shit out of the feeling too!  Give me a second to go enjoy it and I’ll type some more (:

- sis

Anonymous asked: Thrust by thrust update sounds best.

Done deal!  I’m going to jump out of his inbox, now that he’s worked pretty well into mine from behind (: and I’ll just post the fun stuff for a bit.  We might answer another question or two if the sex gets boring hehe

- sis

Anonymous asked: Some people pick truth, others pick dare. Which are you?

He was always a dare kind of guy! (: 

I’m going to sign any answers I do give so people know it was me, not him, incase I totally get some shit wrong or just make up funny shit hehehe

- sis

Anonymous asked: Give us a good recap of "your end of the deal", would ya?. I'd love to hear your recount of a sexual encounter. I'll be your best friend.

Hijacked!  (: 

So here’s HIS end of the deal.  I got to pick 3 questions he had to answer, and now I’m going to answer a few on his blog for him.  Or, I could go ahead and just tell you pervy boys and girls what he’s going to be doing to me while I stand her, all bent over the desk and wiggling my ass in the air in front of his cock.

Which one would you rather I do?  Answer some questions for him, or just give you a thrust by thrust update feed on him fucking me?! (: 

My feet are spread and he’s teasing me with the head so hurry up and pick!

Anonymous asked: Do you prefer exhibitionism or voyeurism?

Her choice for answer #3!  Exhibitionism for sure!  Hell, if the world was a different place we would be doing this on web cam right now.

Now my end of the deal woo hoo!